Dream Wife - Hey Heartbreaker

More from this dream band here.

David Bowie - Quicksand

Missing the Starman.

Roddy Fame - Down the Dip

And I'm holding my ticket tight.

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake -The Priest

Not sure what this is but 'what difference does it make', it's pretty awesome.

DRESSY BESSY - Mister Kringle's

Dressy Bessy makes everything better, including Christmas!

Starcrawler - I Love LA

I love this video and LA.

Blondie - Doom or Destiny

Killer video and song off their latest amazing album Pollinator. Oh, and that's Joan Jett as co-anchor.

Punk Saves!

The The - This Is the Day

The the coolest song by the the coolest band.

Bow Wow Wow - Do You Wanna Hold Me

Wow, I still love this song and Annabella.

JD McPherson - Let the Good Times Roll

Move the furniture, crank it up and let the good times roll.

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