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Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid

My favorite short documentary on youtube at the moment. So beautifully shot and edited. Thanks Slomo, you inspire me to get aligned.


David Lynch: The Treachery of Language

A very insightful video about David Lynch's work and the Treachery of Language.


On a Holiday by Daniel Daidone

I got a chance to work on this Daniel Daidone video (lead singer of the band, Officer Roseland). It is an amazing song and was a blast to work on. The dude rocks!


Start Up. Shut Down.

A friend and I started a sticker company called, Your Face Stickers. The cool idea, people send us their photos and we turned them into rub on decals. The problem, no one else thought it was all that cool.  Everything wasn't a total loss, I am still selling Tricker Stickers at my Etsy shop for fun and profit.


Art Heroes

Jonathan Meese is a true original.

View more art heroes at my YouTube playlist.


Guida de Palma - Bicho Papão, the Werewolf Song

I recently stumbled onto this video that Todd Marrone and I created for Guida de Palma. The song is infectious and we had a great time collaborating. I had not seen it in years because of the very sad memories attached to it. Todd passed away a short time after we finished the video. Todd was a wonderful artist and all around amazing guy. I miss you buddy.


Watching: The Moondogs - She's 19

So good!


More of my favorite YouTube music videos here>>.


Super Models, Super Friends

Our good friend Greg Thonen recently photographed our dogs, Maui and Mr. Murphy in his photography studio. Super thrilled with the results. Thanks Greg! Check out more of Greg’s photos here and swing by Fifth Gear Creative to see more of what this talented dude's up to.