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Guida de Palma - Bicho Papão, the Werewolf song

I just recently stumbled onto this video that Todd Marrone and I created for Guida de Palma in 2012. Todd did all the art work and I did the animation. The song is infectious and we had a great time collaborating, but I had not watched it in years because it has some very sad memories attached to it. Todd passed away a short time after we finished the video. Todd was a wonderful artist and all around amazing guy. I miss you buddy.

Super Models, Super Friends

Not only is my good friend Greg Thonen a fantastic graphic designer (see the freak flyer below) but he’s also a wonderful photographer. Recently he had our dogs, Maui and Mr. Murphy over for a session. Venus and I are thrilled with the photos and are heading to Costco for some big prints. Thanks Greg! Check out more of Greg’s awesome photos here.

Freak Out

Last year I wrote and directed a play for the KC Fringe Festival titled 'Freak Up the Street'. It was a lot of fun and the cast was sensational. We received glowing reviews. My good friend Greg Thonen took some fantastic photos of the performances that you can view here. Also please check out the Freak Up the Street Facebook page for information on the cast and other fun stuff. It was a blast geting to work with so many talented people and I hope to do more of this in the future.

On a Holiday by Daniel Daidone

I got a chance to work on Daniel Daidone's video (lead singer of the band Officer Roseland). It is an amazing song and was a blast to work on. Why Dan's not huge at this point, I have no idea. The dude rocks!


What an *

A while back I stumbled onto Alexander Prinzhorn and his parallax scrolling for the masses page and got very excited. Using Alexander's cool scripts I made a scrolling animation about trying to make art and fighting the negative voice in my head.

The Inner Assteric >>

If you do scroll through it, the story is five pages long so you will need to click the next buttons at the end of each page. Oh, and it's best viewed on a desktop. Happy scrolling!

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