Animated Shorts

Rock On

A Lonely Bower Bird Looks for Love in a competitive world.


Karma Ghost

This cartoon won the audience award at 2002 Sundance Online Film Festival.

My friend Vic's thoughts about this cartoon and Karma in general.


Hook Line and Sinker

In a fish eat camouflage fish world, it is the big mouths that seem to rule.


Hook Line and Sinker

In a fish eat fish world, it is the big mouths that seem to rule.

Ray of Nope

Two radiation particles travel to Earth with a mission.

Featuring the song, 'The Day B4 U Almost Died' by Officer Roseland.


Bumble Beeing Part 1 'The Butterfly Effect'

Trapped and dying on a car windshield, a bumble bee contemplates the meaning of his life with an optimistic butterfly. Featuring music by Officer Roseland.


Check out the companion piece made for the 2003 Sundance Online Film Festival.


Bumble Beeing part 2 'The Quantum Creep'

The story continues about little things and the big picture. A Bumble Bee's optimism is the planet's last hope after a selfish act sends the planet reeling towards it's doom.


I tried to cram too much story into this cartoon and think it falls a little flat. But hey, it still has great music by Officer Roseland in it, so check it out.


We Are Science Probes

Scientific explorers visiting a post-apocalyptic Earth begin to question their mission after uncovering certain historical artifacts. Song: 'Say Goodbye' by the band, 'The Sun'.



On the two occasions I was lucky enough to be excepted to the Sundance Film Festival, I was asked to make a companion piece for each cartoon. With the help of my friends Vic and Jon, we came up with these below. Enjoy.


A Review of Karma Ghost

My friend Vic's thoughts on Karma Ghost. Thank you brother!


Companion Piece to 'Bumble Beeing'

Jon Huckeby (as Mr. Butterfly) ad-libbed this special commentary. Still cracks me up to this day.. Thanks Jon!