Backyard Show Off

Video of some recent work

Fresh Blobs

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Gratuitous Bitchin Gallery

18 paintings and a "poem" about liking things because they look cool. I'm talking to you 'Guernica'.

Gratuitous Photo Book

For fun and vanity, I ordered an Apple photo book featuring the Gratuitous Bitchin artwork and poem. In the video above, you can see that my wife (Venus) was hoping for more.

The Art Lovers Gallery

15 paintings about art and the people who buy it.

Art Heros

David Hockney 'A Bigger Picture'

David Hockney painting and talking about his work.

Nostalgia and Paranoia - Daniel Clowes

I have been a huge fan since I saw my first Eightball comic back in the 1990s. Daniel's beautifully stark, lonely and funny stories are some of the best things I have read/seen. I dig his film adaptation of his comic Ghost World also.

"Like a weed Joe!"

The Story of Jonathan Meese

Hearing Jonathan Meese makes me smile and think in new ways. Like the first time I heard Devo. Now it's time to devote myself to art and the future.

Leon Golub - "It's a feat!".

Oh man I love this guy and his work. This is just a snippet from the documentary: 'Golub'.

Alice Neel - Interview 1979

One of my all time favorite Artist. The interview shows how candid and interesting Alice was. This was way back in 1979 and her mind and art are still way ahead of most everyone today. Totally dig her and her amazing work.

ERIC FISCHL - Interview

Eric's brush work just blows me away and his imagery always leaves a deep impression on my psyche. Check out this video shot by James kalm of Eric's recent show at Skarstedt Gallery.

James Kalm - The Guy on the Bike

James Kalm is the foremost art vlogger in the world (he invented the spontaneous onlline video art review). I have been watching this guy for years now and thanks to him I feel like I know what's happening (art wise) in the Big Apple. Not only does James know pretty much everything about art and the art world, he's also an accomplished painter himself. Thank you James for all the great video, and Thank you Kate.

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